The way we use technology is changing along with it. We can anticipate significant changes in the way users are onboarded to applications in 2023. Users now find it simpler to begin using new apps thanks to this process' streamlining and personalization.

Emphasis on Personalization

In the current digital environment, personalization is essential, and it will remain so in 2023. Individual users will have their unique needs and preferences taken into account during onboarding. To learn how to make the onboarding process more relevant and interesting, apps will analyse user data. For new users, the experience will be easier and more enjoyable as a result of the personalization.

More Interactive Onboarding

The days of static onboarding screens with wordy descriptions are over. More interactive onboarding procedures that involve users right away are something we can anticipate. This will incorporate gamification components, like challenges and quizzes, to make learning about the app and its features more fun and memorable for users. Users will enjoy the process more and be more likely to stick with the app if onboarding is interactive.

Integration of AI


More apps are likely to incorporate AI and chatbots into their onboarding procedures in the future. With the help of these technologies, users will be guided through the onboarding procedure while receiving individualised assistance and real-time responses to their queries. The onboarding process will become more effective and less frustrating for users thanks to AI and chatbots.

Universal search widgets

Onboarding is key to user retention. Provide an understanding of the application without overwhelming the user with a steep learning curve. Use a search widget to enable a set of actions and integrations with other tools, and stay productive without navigating menus. Universal search widgets not only help with onboarding, but also engage users with the product. is a low code solution that can help you set up an Universal search widgets within your application in under 30 minutes. Learn more here.

In conclusion, onboarding will change for the better in 2023. The onboarding process will be easier, more enjoyable, and more effective thanks to personalization, interactivity, integration of AI and chatbots, and Universal search widgets. Onboarding will likely advance even further as technology develops, making it simpler than ever for users to begin using new apps.